Franklin Chamber Minutes – December 2015

December 2, 2015
Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce
Franklin Railroad & Community Museum
Present: Brian Brock, Trish Tyrell, Bill Gruber, Ellen Curtis, Don Hebbard, Gary Heimbauer, Rebecca Costello and Rich Costello

Meeting minutes from October 2015 were reviewed. Correction noted to add Gary’s last name, Heimbauer, to those listed as present. Ellen motioned to accept the minutes with corrections, Gary seconded, motion carried.

Business Update:

– NED pipeline filed with FERC, proposes 2 compressor stations
– The Kinder-Morgan open house (for NED) is 12/16 at Franklin Central School
– The Franklin Town Board has voted in favor of a traffic circle at the 357/28 intersection.
– Rich and Rebecca are buying a chroming business division, giving them exclusive rights within a 50 mile radius of Franklin, and will be hiring new employees

Old Franklin Day (OFD):

Ellen has not yet received an invoice from Jim Mullen for the advertising expenses, that were placed on his person credit card, in the amount of $328.36. Agreed to issue a check to Jim. A letter to the vendors was discussed, and will be mailed to over 50 potential vendors and organizations. Rebecca has contacted political parties to host tents at OFD as well. We need to create a OFD budget- a draft budget will be prepared for our next meeting. Rebecca motioned to allow not more than $100 to be spent to mail letters to vendors for OFD, Don seconded, motion carried.

Fall Festival:

Thank you notes are available to be picked up at Rich’s Auto Body. Gross income from the event was $3,013.75, Gross expenses were $757.52, with Net proceeds totaling $2,256.23. Cash and checks were given to Ellen for deposit. Items that were not auctioned will be returned to the donors. Areas to improve include having more time to plan and work on the auction. There was a lot of positive feedback. The Fire Department was very pleased with the outcome of the event. Five tickets were purchased on-line, yielding an additional $23.97 in proceeds. Brian motioned to reimburse Rich’s Auto Body the money paid for advertising for the event, Ellen seconded, motion carried. Stamps will be needed for the thank you cards.


Trees- Trees have been ordered and delivered to Carl Lobdell’s house. The trees will be set up this weekend. Rebecca motioned for a check in the amount of $500 be paid for the trees, Rich seconded, motioned carried.

Stroll- Tom is assisting, and Rebecca is working with Nancy Cloonan on getting houses. Brian is creating the map. Rebecca suggested the event be put on I love NY and Delaware County CofC websites.

Market- Market is good to go, with 26 vendors.

Kaatskill Life Ad 2016:

Brian reported that there are some businesses willing to sponsor the ad again, and will need some new businesses. There are two deadlines- RSVP appx. February, and copy appx. April.

Small Business Saturday:

Rebecca requested that small business Saturday be a priority in 2016 business promotion.


Rebecca advised that Ray Pucci, of Delaware County CofC, has inquired as to Franklin CofC’s interest and ability to host a Spring/Summer Delaware County CofC mixer. Discussed, and agreed that hosting would be a good opportunity so long as there is little to no cost directly to the Franklin CofC. Further investigation is necessary and more information will be presented.

Business Survey:

Brian discussed possibility of doing a survey of businesses (regardless of membership status), to determine different items that may help guide the CofC’s agenda. Discussed methods of conducting the survey, including by mail and email. Discussed also survey the community to identify community/consumer needs.

Display Case:

Keys to the display case need to be copied and given to at least two members to keep the case regularly updated and showcasing upcoming events.

Logo & Letterhead:

Rebecca motioned for the logo to be forwarded to Anne Burgin of the FCS Liberanni to be added to the recently purchased ad, Trish seconded, motion carried.


A rough draft of a budget should be ready to be presented and discussed for the next meeting so that committees and decisions.


Ellen reported possible issues in viewing website material- unsure if operator error or website issue, will be explored. Discussed having new businesses highlighted on the website, regardless of membership status, for a limited amount of time to help promote business overall and encourage membership. Bill discussed view that a mechanism needs to be created to determine who, what, where, when information is put on the website, to ensure appropriate content (also applies to Display Case).


Rebecca reported that the CofC was incorporated with NYS on 4.1.80, ID #: 617977. The Department of State should have a copy of the By-Laws filed at that time. Rebecca has requested a copy of all organizational information.

Next Meeting:

January 6, 2016, 7pm, at Franklin Railroad and & Community Museum (date changed from end of December due to holidays).

January 27, 2016, 7pm, at Franklin Railroad & Community Museum (regularly scheduled last Wednesday of the month)

A PDF version of the minutes is available for download.

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