Franklin Chamber Minutes – January 6, 2016

Minutes are considered to be a draft until they are approved at the next meeting.

January 6, 2016
Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce
Franklin Railroad & Community Museum
Present: Helen McLean, Bill Gruber, Rebecca Costello, Rich Costello, Marc Burgin, Don Hebbard, Trish Tyrell

Meeting called to order at 7:04pm

Meeting minutes from December (for November) were reviewed. Bill motioned to accept the minutes, Rebecca seconded, motion carried.

No Treasurer’s Report available.

Old Business:

County CofC Mixer: Rebecca stated that John had approved the museum as the location for the mixer, allowing alcohol. Concerns raised over permits and legality of serving alcohol. Rebecca will follow up on both these concerns as well as whether or not a mixer would impose any cost to our local organization.

Fall Festival: Thank You’s were sent into the mail, or hand delivered. Rich motioned for $100 donation to the Fire Department for hosting the event, Bill seconded, motion carried. Trish will get a check from Ellen, and inform Brian.

Logo & Letterhead: Rebecca will send the illustrator file to Helen and Bill of the logo. We need to determine what our letterhead will include. Discussed including: logo, address, email/website, officers, maybe the mission. Bill will look into the cost of a google phone account, as some people may prefer phone contact. Letterhead can be created in a Word or Publisher document.

Big Buck: we need to determine who the winner is and make necessary announcements. Rich and Marc will look into collecting money from participating businesses, and into the cost of a new placque. Money should be given to Ellen.

New Business:

Business Updates– none known.

New Members– Bobby Sharp Glassworks has joined, and possibly Bob Hazelett.

Committees– Discussed that members of committees do not need to be members of the Chamber, but that each committee must be headed by a Chamber member. Committees created and members assigned are: Brian and Marc on By-Law Committee, Trish and Rebecca on OFD Committee, Rebecca, Rich and John Campbell on the Fall Festival Committee, Bill on the Annual Dinner Committee, Ellen and Don on the Budget/Finance Committee, Don on the Membership Committee. Perhaps Gary H. would being on the Annual Dinner Committee, and maybe Jan Mulroy would head the Holiday Committee given she already coordinates the holiday market.

By-Laws– Rebecca provided copies of The Unadilla Chamber of Commerce and Rigby Cof C By-laws for review and ideas for writing ours.

Board of Directors– Include rotating terms, and include option to have non-chamber board members.

Spring Fundraiser– with so many items needing attention this spring (i.e.- by-laws) and some logistical issues, we will not be hosting a spring fundraiser this year.

Budget– Rebecca provided copies of budget being built based off past fees, costs, etc and revenue. We need to add cost of $50 for the Big Buck placque, cost of the Kaatskill Life Ad, have an annual amount of $100 for bench repairs/purchases, and $100 for banners.

2016 Calendar– Rebecca provided copies of the draft calendar. It includes: January- Budget, February- Spring Fundraiser, March – Membership Drive, April – Spring Mixer, May- Parade, June – Kaatskill Life Ad Published, July – Annual Meeting, August – OFD, November – Fall Fundraiser and Small Business Saturday, December – Christmas Stroll. Discussed adding to the calendar: Flags and Banners in May, Banners in September, moving the Fall Fundraiser to October, adding the Big Buck Contest to November, and adding trees and banners to December.

Catskill Economic Forum– Rebecca handed out copies of information on the forum, which is to focus on developing tourism. Info on the forum will be placed on our website for member information.

Website– Helen and Bill reported that a large portion of organizational minutes are now on the website for member reference. Discussed archiving all minutes online. Trish will continue to forward any missing electronic copies, and will provide past hard copies to be scanned and put on line.

Next Meeting:
January 27, 2016, 7pm, Train Museum

A PDF version of the minutes is available for download.

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