Franklin Chamber Minutes – October 2015

October 28, 2015
Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce
Franklin Railroad & Community Museum
Present: Brian Brock, Trish Tyrell, Marc Burgin, Ellen Curtis, Gary, Rich Costello, Rebecca Costello, Tom Briggs, Don Hebbard

Meeting called to order at 7:08pm.

September meeting minutes were reviewed. Correction noted that OFD section should include the need for more restrooms and parking, and that the railroad museum will make restrooms available to the public next year. Rebecca motioned to accept minutes with corrections, Rich seconded, motion carried.

Business Updates:

-Tom reported that the Watershed may not move to the Kellogg school in Treadwell, as was previously hoped/reported.
-The Walton Reporter is publishing an article for Gregg Kujawski’s opening medical practice.

Treasurer’s Update:

Ellen reported that the YTD income is $818.24. This noes not yet include advertising expenses from OFD or donations for advertising. The current balance in the checking account is approximately $1,050.

Ellen provided a current list of members, reflecting approximately 50 members. Brian noted that Gibsonhill Services and the Franklin Railroad and Community museum are comped their membership fees for their services to the CofCl Rebecca provided a check from Ononatio Landscaping, for 2015-2016 membership. It was noted that GoneLocal is interested in membership, as is White’s Farm Supply. Also G&G Willow (soaps and lotions) is a member, but is not listed on the list provided.

Advertising bills were provided to Ellen for the fall festival advertising and selfie station.


Brian will begin collecting donations to cover the remaining advertising fees from the businesses that had a great turnout on OFD. Margaret Bazura has completed her 360 tour of OFD and would like to present slideshow at our next meeting.

Fall Fundraiser:

Rebecca reported that the County Shopper ad will be in this weeks edition. Next weeks County Shopper will have more info on the the auction and info to visit the website. Townsquare Media will be doing announcements throughout the next several days, and will have the event on their community calendar. Wise Guys pizza is putting flyers on all their take-out order pizza boxes. Announcement is on the Fire Dept sign as well. Donations have been received from many businesses including: Wise Guys Pizza, White’s Farm Supply, NBDC, Burgin’s Auto, Ouleout Golf, Quality Hardwood, Jake’s Deli, Long River Inn, Feed & Seed, and several more. Decorations are also being donated from various area businesses.

So far 38 tickets have been sold. Set-up for the event will beinga t 5pm, with setting up tables, chairs and decorations. Announcement of winners of raffles and auction will be between 9-930pm. Activities include selfie booth and bobbing for apples. Trish will bring basin for bobbing for apples.


-Christmas tress are being arranged, as Brian spoke with the tree farm people. The trees will be delivered to Carl Lobdell’s (Rotary member) after Thanksgiving, and then the Rotary Club puts the trees up.

-Christmas Stroll- Tom has agreed to attempt to take the lead on this event. He has spoke with Kim Hyzer and Nancy Cloonan, who have historically lead the primary effort to get people to open their homes to the public. Tom does need help becuase a big task and cannot do it alone. Franklin Improvement Society is willing to do the advertising for the stroll.

– Decoration Judging- Rich, Rebecca, Brian and Marc will judge home christmas decorations on 12/9/15 at 630pm.

– Jan Mulroy had inquired about the Holiday Market becoming a member, with each of the market’s vendors being listed under the market’s website profile. It was agreed that this would be okay.


– No Updates
-Brian noted that the Delaware County gov’t website links to each town’s local gov’t page. If the local gov’t does not have it’s own website, it then links to the county’s CofC website. However, since the county CofC website has been revamped, it now reroutes the link to the town’s local CofC. While the town gov’t information is kept updated on the website, it does not yet include the local village gov’t. Tom stated he would bring up this matter to the Village Board.

Kaatskill Life Ad 2016:

Brian inquired about desire to run again, as ad sponsors had mixed reviews as to the impact their contribution made. Discussed possibly seeking additional/different sponsors to keep fresh. All agreed that it is worth pursuing this ad, as it has wide distribution and helps bring tourists and travelers through. Phil Warish is willing to do the design again.
Budget 2016:

Ellen reported that when the 2015 year is closed out, a budget will be drafted based upon last years expenses/income, as well as planning/anticipated events.

Logo & Letterhead:

Rebecca agreed to see if Larissa at The Printing Company can assist with creating original hand-holding logo.

History of the Chamber:

Marc agreed to continue working on this.

Small Business Administration:

Brian stated that there are speakers avaialble to give info on SBA programs and services. Will look into hosting 2016 informational mixer.

Next Meeting:

Meeting moved to December 2, 2015, due to Thanksgiving Holiday. Will be at 7pm at the Franklin Railroad and Community Museum.

A PDF version of the minutes is available for download.

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