Franklin Chamber Minutes – March 30, 2016

Minutes are considered to be a draft until they are approved at the next meeting.

Greater Franklin
Chamber of Commerce
Franklin Railroad & Community Museum
Present: Beth Braun, Trish Tyrell, Marc Burgin, Helen McLean, Gary Heimbauer, Rich Costello, Don Hebbard

Rich (V-Pres) called the meeting to order at 7:07pm.

February meeting minutes were reviewed.

Rich provided membership payment checks from Community Bank, in Otego, and Bobby Sharp Studio, which were handed off to Gary to get to Ellen for deposit. Rich reviewed Treasurer Report with in February minutes. Greeting and introductions made to Beth, of Otego Branch of Community Bank.


Membership renewal letters are finalized, and the member recruitment letters are being finalized. Don will send around by email for final feedback. A list of current member addresses will be needed for initial members, and an address list will be needed for recruitment mailing. Helen stated that the renewal form is now on the website, along with new membership form.

Logo & Letterhead:

Rebecca did nice job on the logo, and the letterhead is thus far approved and in use.

New OFD:

Helen and Bill provided mailing and return labels. Trish reported that vendor letters are almost ready for mailing, with just a few envelopes yet to be stuffed, and then all to be mailed. Return date for vendor RSVP’s is May 15th. Rich stated that the new chroming business would be interested in providing a public demonstration at the event.

New Business:


Rich reported that the benches are in great need of repair/replacement, suggesting the purchase of 4-5 benches or needing to get supplies and find new people to repair the benches as Cappy is unable. Price of new benches is unknown. Rich suggested repairs of benches and spending on poured concrete pads where benches sit along Main St. A cubic yard of poured concrete is approximately $70. Some one will speak with Dick (Village Supervisor) about possibly collaborating on concrete pour project. Don moved to pursue concrete pad idea, Marc seconded, carried. Proposed annual budget for benches of $100.


Marc advised that we would need a new way to get banners and flags placed on utility poles at appropriate height. Various banners, brackets, clamps, posts may need replacing. The approximate cost for a banner/bracket is $80. Proposed annual budget for banners is $100.

Marc and Rich advised that all of the American flags are unusable, and that traditionally approximately 30 flags are hung for Memorial Day/Independence Day holidays. Flags were not purchased last year. Marc reported that 20’X30′ nylon flags w/ brass grommets are $20.50/ea. Price does not include poles, shipping/handling. Proposed annual budget for Flags is $350. Extensive discussion was held regarding price, durability, number to order, available spare parts, etc. Trish made motion to purchase 30- 20’X30′ nylon flags at no more than $22.50/ea (total price), for approximately $660. Don seconded, motion carried.

In review of approved/discussed expenses at this point, and imminent future expenses (ie-insurance at $700), Trish asked the group to be mindful of spending. To this, Rich suggested a summer fundraiser. Trish maintained that annual dinner and OFD are currently our summer events. Trish advised that while Rebecca had the good idea of a spring fundraiser, the decision had been made not to pursue it this year as there are priorities, like bylaws that need to be addressed. Rich responded that the annual picnic/dinner was poorly attended and asked Marc how progress on the bylaws was going. Marc responded that there was no progress, as Brian has been away. Rich proposed a dinner dance as a fund raiser. Don suggested something in the village park, if a fundraiser or event was held.

Memorial Day:

Rich stated that he and Rebecca have discussed the need for Memorial Day parade to be revitalized and they think chamber members should make floats for the parade. Don and Rich agreed that business floats would promote businesses. Also proposed potential demolition derby cars and tractors in parade. Rich advised candy was needed to be thrown at the parade. Rich moved to spend $50 on candy, Don seconded, carried.

Discussion held about whether date for meeting should be moved. Agreed meeting date to remain last Wednesday of the month. Next meeting April 27, 2016. Meeting adjourned.

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