Franklin Chamber Minutes – June 29, 2016

Minutes are considered to be a draft until they are approved at the next meeting.

Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce
June 29, 2016
Franklin Railroad and Community Museum
Present: Brian Brock, Rich Costello, Marc Burgin, Bill Gruber, Trish Tyrell, Margaret Bazura, Ellen Curtis, Don Hebbard

Secretary’s Report:
May meeting minutes were reviewed. Changes: add that ballots for Person/Business of the Year are available by phone; add that Dawn’s is closing in Business Updates, and; Motion to accept April minutes was ” carried”, not “married”. Marc moved to accept minutes with changes noted, Ellen seconded, motion carried.

360 OFD Virtual Tour:
Margaret described the process of creating the virutal tour and the many benefits that offering the tour online to the public would provide- including possible increases in tourism and revenue with in the area and community. Margaret gave a demonstrate of the tour showing the various portions and businesses as they were during last years New OFD. Margaret makes these tours as a business, and stated that each project is priced differently depending upon the clients vision, but that she would offer good prices to Delaware County businesses. Discussion was held regarding whether to promote this type of advertising to members, and whether to include the beauty shots of the Town/Village. Bill and Margaret decided to discuss further regarding server space and related items.

Treasurer’s Report:
Ellen provided a Profit/Loss statement of Jan 1-June 28, 2016. Total Income of $1,090, Total Expenses of $1,485, with Net Incomes of -$395.19. $1,105 has been deposited in total this year for Membership Dues. There is $2,742.71 in checking. Ellen provided a list of businesses that haven’t renewed their membership, as well as a list of all those who have renewed/joined so far. We need to discuss how/when to remove business listings when membership has not been renewed.

Business Update:
Brian reported that the Attorney General is going after the pipeline company’s for not preventing the clear cutting of trees along the ROW until approval for the project was granted. Dawn’s Deli is closing on 7/15 with an auction of items at a later date (7.25), 3pm viewing and 6pm auction. There are no other businesses opening to replace Dawn’s. There is a successful candle company in Treadwell.

Annual Awards:
Student Scholarship: Turn Thies was awarded $200 for Business Award as a graduating senior at Franklin Central School.
2015 Person of The Year: Unanimous vote determined Jim Mullen.
Business of Year: Unanimous vote determined Classic Cuts by Sarah.

Marc will get metal pieces engraved for placques. Awardees will need to be notified.

Annual Meeting:
Scheduled for July 16, 2016, at Babcock’s Bluebearry Barn. Scott and Patty Taggart will be invited as thanks for helping with flags and banners this year. 5pm social hour, 6pm pot luck meal, 7pm meeting/awards. Further logistical planning will be discussed via email over next couple weeks.

Brian reported that Wise Guys Pizza is interested in putting on the ballot, in November, language for a vote on serving alcohol. Specific language has been determined per regulation guidelines from the State.

Brian provided a draft of Articles 1 and 2. All agreed that the language in these Articles was sufficient and appropriate. Brian will draft another couple articles for next meeting to be reviewed and discussed.

Next meeting:
July 16, 2016 – Annual Meeting, Babcock’s Blueberry Barn
July 27, 2016 – regular monthly meeting at museum, 7pm

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