Franklin Chamber Minutes – July 16, 2016 – Annual Meeting

Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce
Annual Meeting
Blueberry Barn- Franklin Heights Rd.
Present: Nina and Joe, Brian Brock, Marc Burgin, Ellen Curtis, Anna Sea, Don and Louise Hebbard, Jerry and Jane Hebbard, Jim Mullen, May and Bob Miller, Sarah and Katie Cleveland, Rich Costello, Trish Tyrell

Annual Awards:
Brian announced that the Business Scholarship of $200 was awarded to Turner Theis, a graduating senior from Franklin CS.  Brian shared a thank you card sent from Turner.  Business of the Year was awarded to Sarah Cleveland of Classic Cuts by Sarah.  Person of the Year was awarded to Jim Mullen.

Ellen nominated Brian as President, Rich seconded, motion carried.  Brian nominated Rich for Vice President, Ellen seconded, motion carried.  Rich nominated Ellen as Treasurer, Trish seconded, motion carried.  Brian nominated Trish as minutes Secretary, Don seconded, motion carried.  There were no nominations/volunteers for Corresponding Secretary.

Coming Up:

Old Franklin Day:  Scheduled for August 27th, with some more vendors and items.  To be discussed in more depth at next meeting.  Margaret Bazura’s 360 Virtual Tour of OFD 2015 is now on Google Maps and can be viewed.

Christmas Stroll:  There is a separate committee that is currently handling the finding of volunteers and homes for the stroll.  The Chamber will continue to manage the logistics of ticket sales and advertising.

National Shop Local Day:  Big holiday shopping day on the Saturday following Black Friday.

Fall Fundraiser:  Brian suggested members consider whether event should continue to be held in the fall, or wait for late winter/early spring.  To be discussed more at next meeting.

New Franklin Register:  The next edition, with late Oct/early Nov distribution, will be specifically geared towards economic development and issues/ideas for/in the Franklin Community.  Marc agreed to write a Chamber history for the paper.  Will request something from Ray Pucci, Delaware Co CofC Director.

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, July 28, 2016, 7pm, Franklin Train Museum

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