Franklin Chamber Minutes – February 2015

February 25, 2015
Greater Franklin
Chamber of Commerce
Franklin Railroad & Community Museum
Present: Marc Burgin (Pres), Trish Tyrell (Sec), Bill Gruber, Ellen Curtis
An informal meeting was held as Marc had to leave and there were few members in attendance.  Marc approved further planning and discussion on the annual meeting, and a mailing of membership renewal by March 6th.  The PayPal account for on-line renewal needs to be finished with banking information.  The membership letter will need to reflect the on-line renewal option.  Trish will speak with Sarah to get envelopes, stamps, and mailing labels.  Dues will be due by May 1st, 2015.

The January meeting minutes were reviewed.  Minor spelling/grammatical errors were noted.  Sarah provided banking information, that there is a $896.77 balance.

The Kaatskill Life Magazine ad was discussed.  Ellen stated that shew ill speak with Phil Warish about creating the ad layout.  Discussion was held about the need for businesses advertised to also be member of the CofC.

The Franklin Community Day ad in the New Franklin Register was discussed.  Discovered that an ad had not been submitted to Marjorie Kellogg, Editor.  Bill contacted Helen, who agreed to draft an ad and send to Marjorie.

The Annual Meeting was discussed.  Letters, ballots and RSVP’s have been drafted.  Bill expressed need for uniformity between letters and forms for all correspondence.  Bryan Babcock has confirmed that the Blueberry Barn would be available to host the dinner.  We would need tables and chairs, tables settings, etc.  Discussed looking into the recently re-opened Unadilla House (UH). Bill called the UH who confirmed that they could host a banquet of 20-30 people.  They do not have a liquor license yet, and it is unknown when this will happen.  We will continue to explore venues and report at next meeting.

By-Laws were briefly discussed.  A couple questions to consider: Will the Officers also be the Board of Directors, and what will be the terms?  Also, What is the validity of the votes if a quorum is based on a 10% membership being present at the meeting, and only 10% (80% of which are already Officers) show up?  

Next Meeting:  March 25, 2015

A PDF version of the minutes is available for download.

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