Franklin Business and Tourism Brochure

Be part of this exciting opportunity

As some of you may already know the Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce applied for and received a matching grant for brochure materials that would help raise awareness of the variety of businesses and activities in the Greater Franklin area. The grant program was announced late in the spring (awarded even later) and we’d hoped to gauge interest and get everything done by July at latest… errr. We missed it.

The grant funds expire by year-end and we don’t want to lose this opportunity. We’re planning to design and print as many folded full-color brochures as can be afforded by the combination of the individual paid entries and matching-grant. This is a net-zero project which means ALL FUNDS will be applied to the printing of this brochure.

Brochures would be placed at Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism drop points AND every participating business should get a package of brochures to use at their own place of business or to distribute outside of the immediate area.

Time for enrollment will be short. The materials need to be printed by the beginning of December at latest in order to remain eligible for the grant. Current plans are to include key dates for annual events like Stagecoach Run, New Old Franklin Day, the Christmas Stroll, etc., an abbreviated version of the historic house tour that was produced several years ago (or a general historic overview for the larger area), and – of course – a categorized listing of area businesses.

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