Franklin Chamber Minutes – February 2014

Franklin Chamber of Commerce
Date: February 26,2014
Location: Franklin Train Museum
Present: Rich Costello, Bill Gruber, Marjorie Kellogg, Jane Couch. Ellen Curtis, Matthew Tyrell, Patricia Tyrell

Meeting called to order at 7:10pm.

Meeting minutes from 1/29/14 were reviewed and discussed.

Treasurer’s report reflected a current balance of $950.09 in the bank.

Rich reviewed proposed locations for the CofC Annual Meeting. The Sidney Elk’s Lodge offers buffets including for example: roast beef, mashed potatoes, chicken cordon bleu, ziti, salad, dessert for $17.50/person, or 3 meats, 4 pastas, salad, dessert for $18.50. The Depot- there is no room fee, and orders are from the menu. Betsy Babcock, not present, was going to check on the Castle (former armory) in Walton. Bill will also look into the Castle. There are typically 50+ people in attendance, and recognitions/awards are given to the Business and Person of the Year. Business of the Year goes to a business that has been in operation for 3 years and has shown growth in those years. Person of the Year is a community member that does a lot within and benefitting the community, has good values, works with kids, at events, etc. The Annual Meeting date was been moved to April 26, 2014.

Rich reported that dues letters have been sent out to member businesses and organizations. An insurance bill is due (approximately $700). Discussion was made about benefits/use of joining the Delaware County CofC. Determined that the Franklin CofC still receives it’s due portion ($35), and membership offers healthcare, networking. Rich reported that because of the relatively low bank balance and impending insurance payment, the chamber would not be purchasing new flags, benches or flower pots. These items typically need replacement/repair due to weather, lack of care/vandalism, and regular wear and tear. Ellen offered bench frames to be used in the Village. Jane stated that she will research benches (quality and price).

The development of the website was discussed. Bill and Helen have begun work on the website, and have shut it down, cleared it, and have placed a “website under construction” screen up while re-working. The website is: Jane question who will be responsible for the content. Content could include: member directory’, links, community calendar, local government details, photos, bylaws and constitution, information about the historic walking tours. Membership and possible benefits to members: possibly link calendars between various organizations to display events, perhaps create marketing
opportunities. Mentioned use of kiosk in village park. Business displays at the Farmers’ Market business interviews in New Franklin Register and/or CofC website.

Ellen suggested that fundraisers and resource development be implemented. Discussed ability to write grant applications. Rich suggested providing handicapped parking along Institute Street for elderly patrons. Someone would need to check with the Village about this. An email list was discussed. Nominations need to be made for Officers and a vote is made after the Annual Meeting.

Next meeting March 26, 2014, 7 pm, at Train Museum.

Meeting adjourned 8:19pm.

A PDF version of the minutes is available for download.

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