Franklin Chamber Minutes – April 27, 2016

Minutes are considered to be a draft until they are approved at the next meeting.

April 27, 2016
Greater Franklin
Chamber of Commerce
Franklin RR & Community Museum
Present: Brian Brock, Rich Costello, Ellen Curtis, Trish Tyrell, Don Hebbard, Tom Briggs

Reviewed March minutes. Rich motioned to accept as written, Trish seconded, motion carried.

Banners & Benches:
Rich stated that benches are stored at Cappy’s residence (who has just recently passed away). Need to get some help repairing the benches. Tom offered to assist. Taggart electric has been assisting with putting up the banner’s in Town. Trish will prepare a thank you card.

Memorial Day:
Discussed giving the $50 in candy out to the youth group. Rich stated he’s spoken with Ken Taylor (American Legion) about having floats in the parade. The Farmers’ Market opens for the 10th year on Sunday before Memorial Day (5/29). Discussed offering new businesses free tent/table at the Market for one Sunday to promote business. Discussed putting this opportunity onto the website.

Annual Meeting:
Brian will ask Babcock’s if the Blueberry Barn is available. Gary and Bill not present to discuss.

Fall Fundraiser/Christmas Stroll:
Brian stated that both are still on our calendar for Fall/Winter events.

Insurance Policy:
Premium payment of $549 due. Policy includes: property coverage of $1,000, Liability for $1mil ($2mil aggregate), and premises medical of $1,000 each, up to $25,000 total. Policy held through Callicoon Cooperative Insurance Company, brokered through J. Bramley Associates (746-2195). Have physical address of 458 Main St., Franklin, removed from the policy. Rich motioned to pay the premium, Don seconded, motion carried.

Brian stated that he will have the cofc meetings added to the Community Events section of the Daily Star. Also discussed having meetings put on FD sign.

No new progress on bylaws. Need to discuss decision making, and the size/function of the Board of Directors. Discussed having 5-person BOD,, with membership voting on members annually, with terms staggered for continuity.

Treasurer’s Report:
Ellen provided a P&L statement showing 1/1/15-12/31/15, reflecting a Net Income of $2,501.41. P&L statement of 1/1/16-3/15/16 showed Net Income of $35.00.

Mayor’s Corner:
Tom brought several items to the attention of the Chamber. First, he mentioned that the Sidney/Unadilla chambers are wondering why we aren’t sharing our minutes. Contacts are Anna Ritchie and Jackie from the Green Giraffe. Tom suggested YouTube videos of local businesses and attractions be put up to attract visitors and commerce. Possibly seek assistance from Tony Breuer. Tom discussed that the upper land behind the Village Park is being given to the Village to be added onto the park and will possibly have an edible walking trail. Discussed various “shop local” initiatives and ideas to encourage local people to shop at the local stores, as well as forums for local business leaders to grow their businesses (and add jobs).

Membership Drive:
Don reported that all mailings are sent and new and renewing memberships should be coming soon.

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