Franklin Chamber Minutes – November 30, 2016

Greater Franklin Chamber of Commerce
574 Main St. (Rich Farm House), Franklin 

Present:  Brian Brock, Joanna VanDuesen, Marc Burgin, Trish Tyrell, Helen McLean, Bill Gruber, Rich Costello, Ellen Curtis, Don Hebbard

October meeting minutes were reviewed.  Marc motioned to accept the minutes, Rich seconded, motion carried.  It was noted that Missy’s Salon, ASEA of Diamonds, and Creative Expressions were not interested in membership.

Treasurer’s Update: 

Ellen reported that there is $1,945 in the bank.  Recent expenses include reimbursement checks to Jim Mullen ($301.40) and Trish ($200), $60 Liberanni Ad, and $144.60 to Gibson Hill for website. $175 in memberships have been received, and not yet deposited.

Business Update:

Gone Local hours changed to Th-Sat.  Armory Woodwork may be leaving Main St.  Meadow Brook Farm and house are for sale, with rumored potential buyers.

Flags & Benches:

All the flags have been taken down.  Flag poles will be shortened next year.  Should be fine with number of flags for next year.  A number of benches need to be repaired.  Banners still need to come down, with winter banners going up.  A plan must be devised to get up/down the poles.  Rich will ask some tree service workers if they could help.

Big Buck Contest:

$120 collected, with prize of $75, and $5 plaque expense.  Deer season is not yet over, and winner has not been finalized.  Rich suggested putting signs in Otego and other surrounding businesses next year (ie- Jake’s Deli, LRI, Rob n Gun clubs).  Marc proposed to increase prize amount to $100 next year. Discussed also increasing entry fee to $2, and offering more prizes.  In reviewing poster design used, noted that prize amount the Chamber logo should be put onto the sign.

Economic Survey:

Fifty surveys have been returned so far (12 on-line and 38 in the mail).  Raffle is scheduled for 12/15.  Survey data will be compiled by March for publication in the NFR Spring Edition.  Helen suggested putting a sign into the Post Office.  $100 received from Rotary towards survey expenses.

Christmas Stroll/Market/Evening:

Rotary donated a check of $200, $100 towards purchase of the Village Christmas Trees (other $100 towards survey).  Village Christmas Tress are going up 12/2.   Kim Hyzer mailed Christmas Stroll post cards as she has done in past years via Franklin Improvement Society.  Tickets for the Christmas Stroll are $10/ea, or $15/family.  Posters have been designed to be hung up by the Stroll group.  House decoration judging scheduled for 12/8/16- Johanna, Marc and Rich will be judging.

Spring Fundraiser:

Dinner-dance and auction aimed for March 25th or 18th.  Availability of Country Express will be checked.  Fire Hall availability will be checked once band is figured out.  Brian will draft email message to members soliciting donations for the auction.

Membership 2017:

Invoices for 2017 membership will be ready in January to be mailed out.


Discussion held regarding Memorial Day.  Don will contact Ken Taylor regarding discussion to support/build the annual parade.


Ellen will be prepare a draft for presentation.


Brian will prepare draft for review at next meeting.

Next Meeting:

No December 2016 meeting.

Special Planning Meeting- January 4, 2017, Rich Farm House, 7pm

Regular Monthly Meeting- January 25, 2017, Rich Farm House, 7pm

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