BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:3.0 FN;CHARSET=UTF-8:Treadwell Community Improvement Club N;CHARSET=UTF-8:;;;; PROFILE:VCARD ADR;CHARSET=UTF-8;TYPE=OTHER:;;33 Case Hill Rd;Treadwell;NY;13846; TZ:-0500 GEO:42.343737500000;-75.052724000000 TITLE;CHARSET=UTF-8: ORG;CHARSET=UTF-8:Treadwell Community Improvement Club CATEGORIES;CHARSET=UTF-8:Community Service NOTE;CHARSET=UTF-8:Business Meeting - 2nd Monday of every month\, except Ja nuary\, following program. Program begins at 6PM. TCIC is a unifying force\ , bringing together community members dedicated to improving Treadwell and enhancing the lives of all our neighbors through special programming. PRODID:-//Connections Business Directory for WordPress//Version 2.0//EN CLASS:PUBLIC SORT-STRING:Treadwell Community Improvement Club item1.URL: item1.X-ABLABEL:Facebook END:VCARD